QUEEN OF USSR is the first and only beauty show happening in Middle East done by the gorgeous ladies from 15 post-USSR countries.

Started in 2015 by extravagant Olga Pishchykova - CEO and founder of Lava Laguna - the UAE based holding, it has been run since then growing and improving every year.

The project is broadcasted by 9 TV channels (such as MTV Arabia Zabarotti, Fashion TV, ARY TV, Ru TV, Kyrgys TV, Luxury with Lara, and other) and supported by the biggest UAE-based international companies sponsoring it (such as T10, Alubond, Danube, Nikai, MultiBanks, Habtour Motors, Huawei, Etisalat, and others). The show lasts for 2,5 hours, watched by more than 1000 people audience, contains talent shows representing 15 CIS countries, advertised on billboards and bus stops, tickets are being sold on all the UAE platforms every year. 

Queen of USSR is not a one day show, but a six months project containing many fashion shows, sponsors’ presentations, shootings, VIP parties, dinners, brunches, cooking competitions, concerts, sport games, etc - happening every week, - where all the sponsors and participants get presented and exposed. 

This point gives a high marketing value not only for the project, but for every sponsor and for each participant as well.

Queen of USSR is one of a kind, there are no competitors and no alternatives. 

Please have a look at the videos below.

Queen of USSR 2015

Queen of USSR 2016

Queen of USSR 2017

Queen of USSR 2018

Queen of USSR 2019

For sponsorship and participation inquiries:

+971 56 408 12 71